IZHAR is the name of reliability and trust since six decades. It has demonstrated its leadership in Pakistan and abroad through professionalism, reliability and national service.

IZHAR Energy Services (IES) is a new feather in its group to help Buildings & Industry owners, Managers and Government to reduce energy expenses up to 30% through energy efficiency improvement and replacement of conventional energy technologies by energy efficiency technologies.

IZHAR Energy Services (IES) is an energy company providing Energy Efficiency (EE) and Alternate Energy (AE) Technologies and Solutions to Industrial, commercial and Institutional Clients making their businesses sustainable and profitable by reducing their energy expense upto 30%.

IES delivers long-term customer value through innovative systems, strategies and technologies leading to increase in your company's profits by taking control of your energy costs. IZHAR Energy Services (IES) has team of energy professionals including certified experts, multi-disciplined professional engineers, efficiency and conservation experts, estimators, operators and other energy specialists covering nearly every type of facility, solution and technology.

IZHAR Groups’s multiple experience over the period of six decades is its unique strength making its position unmatchable in energy market.