IZHAR  Energy Services (IES) delivers a broad range of EE & RE Energy technologies and solutions to industrial, commercial, institutional clients to enhance their profitability and competitiveness in the market. We can participate in project work during any phase, or every phase relating to Energy Efficiency and Alternate Energy solutions.

We can assemble the best combination of skills and expertise and quickly provide clients with the best energy solutions for their specific needs. IZHAR Energy Services (IES) addresses energy issues in its customers' facilities holistically, and comprehensively. We look at all aspects of energy generation, transformation, use and recycle in any part of the process, plant or facility to deliver a system that saves our customers energy and other operating costs.

We have two business divisions namely Energy Efficiency and Alternate Energy and have the following components under these divisions;


Surveys, Studies and Audits

Energy Saving Awareness Training

Energy Saving plans and Executions

Upgrades and Replacements

Lighting Upgrades and Replacements

Calibrations and Tune Ups

Energy Performance Contracting

Solar Water Heating Solution for Bath and Washing

Solar Swimming Pool Heating Solution

Solar Pre-heat Boiler Solution

Solar Electric Power Generation

Solar Lighting Solutions

Solar Pumping Solutions

Wind Power Solutions

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